How to turn a 555 into a voltage follower

Update: For my non-engineer friends, a 555 is a “timer” chip that turns on and off. You can program how fast it turns on and off with a few resistors and a capacitor. I figured out how to make it turn… half on and half off at the same time. I did this by putting a really fast chip in front of it that turns the 555 on and off so fast that it stays half on. And actually I can turn it 1/3rd on or 3/5ths on or any fractional voltage.

This has no usefulness or practical functionality whatsoever.

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  1. Casio CTK 3000 Identicon Icon Casio CTK 3000 Says:

    Thank you for sharing. You say it has no functionality, but perhaps it will one day – who knows? :)

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