Sherlock Trollmes and the Case of the Missing Part Number

Steve: oh, but there was one thing I was going to ask: what’s the part number for U$1?
me: ah
me: found the schematic
me: U$1
me: the part number is printed right above it ;)
Steve: huh. not on the PNG you sent me
me: really?
Steve: really!
me: send me the png I sent you
Steve: on its way
me: yes it is
me: TBA820M
Steve: ok, when I open it from gmail in Firefox, I don’t see a part number
Steve: and when I download it and view it in Paint or the MS picture viewer, same thing
me: check your inbox

Trollface points to the part number on the schematic

Steve: ah crap, when you said right above it, I was looking above the part
Steve: sheesh
Steve: time for coffee it seems
me: hahaha

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  1. Steve G. Identicon Icon Steve G. Says:

    In my defense, it’s not standard practice to put the part number inside the part and in the same font as the pin labels. Still, that’s a pretty good explanation for how the rest of that day went.

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