Making progress

Me, holding up a relay board

This is a relay board I’m building for a friend of a friend; I’m going to control it with an Arduino eventually. It’s for controlling a model train.

I’m happy because I got all 12 relays in and working. Next step is wiring up the sockets for the custom data cables I’m building to go to the ‘duino, and a rebuilt power supply.

Update: I added a closeup of a single relay channel, with the schematic hand drawn over the photo:

Single relay circuit closeup

2 Responses to “Making progress”

  1. Jon D Identicon Icon Jon D Says:

    Woah, John! Nice Jesus hair you got going on!

    Is the amp on the back burner?

  2. John Wilson Identicon Icon John Wilson Says:

    The amp is still with my friend Dave who playtested it for me. He has to get it to my friend Zach who has to get it back to me. So in the meantime I’m working on the relay board.

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